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To empower women and engender sisterhood.

Your fierce femininity is welcome in our safe space exclusively for women. We offer classes and workshops for women of all ages.


Discover your inner power.

We envision a community where women gather together, lift one another up, and support each other as sisters. We have discovered that by sharing our love, compassion, and vulnerability, we can create true transformation of pain, sadness, and trauma into joy, laughter, and strength.

Our vision is one of sisterhood — women helping women to help themselves. Ours is a community that enables women to discover their inner power, stop identifying with self-limiting stories, and discard victimhood. 


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Beth Kruger

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I am a Woman.

A Feminine Seeker of joy, peace, and light in the face of sadness, pain, and darkness.

I am bold and unpretentious.

I am loud and unapologetic.

I love to laugh, dance, and sing karaoke.

I was raised in VT and spent 12 years in NYC.

I love sunshine, bikinis, food, wine, fashion, yoga, birth education, babies, and pregnant bellies!!! I am a mother of two beautiful and spirited little girls. I take care of and strengthen other new mothers. I am a certified childbirth educator and have been teaching yoga since 2003. I have specialized in power yoga, as well as prenatal and postnatal yoga, for most of my career.

I believe in the individual as a small piece of a collective whole. We are all one and share the same needs, wants, and desires, although we may express those very uniquely.

Each person is unique and precious; however, we all are just one drop in the ocean of humanity. It is a gift to share in the lives of many, and I am honored and blessed to inspire and be inspired by my students.


・Completed Ishta’s advanced level 500-hour training (2004)

・Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (2010)

・Certified Lactation Counselor (2011)

・Completed specialized trainings in Ashtanga, Prenatal, and Postnatal yoga

・Assisted in Yoga Works Teacher Training Programs

・Led Prenatal Yoga workshops through Yoga Works

・Studied with Ashtanga teacher David Swenson, Iyengar Master Teacher Glenn Black, and countless Ishta System and Yoga Works teachers

・Taught at Yoga Works, Ishta Yoga, Pure Yoga, and The Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC (2005-2012)

・Taught Prenatal and Postnatal, and Vigorous Vinyasa Yoga at Evolution Yoga and Physical Therapy in Burlington VT (2013-2014)