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Marty Machia

Since she was a little girl, Marty has always been drawn to physical movement for self expression and healing.

It all started when she would force her parents to watch her “dance shows” in the living room after dinner. Marty would call herself “Madonna” and strut around wearing her mom’s heels. As she got older, she continued to explore many forms of dance, fitness, and yoga.

About five years ago, Marty found herself in a Buti Yoga class while living in Portland, Maine. There was no turning back. She fell in Love with all of the different elements of Buti, from the primal movements to the strong foundation of sisterhood and connection. Marty believes deeply in the transformative power that is created when Women come together in a safe space. This is what Buti is all about.

Marty recently celebrated her two year anniversary of teaching Buti. Her classes have been described as Intuitive, Healing, and Wild.