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Celebrate the Divine Feminine

…in our women-centered space.
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Various Classes. All Fitness Levels.


Women's Wellness. Workshops & Trainings.


Unique Retreats. Exotic Locations.

Burlington’s finest women-centered wellness studio
for fitness, wellness, community and empowerment.

We welcome your fierce femininity. We are dedicated to providing a safe space exclusively for women. We offer classes and workshops for women of all ages.
Movement is medicine, and we offer plenty of it.
Integrative wellness of mind, body and spirit.
Strength through sisterhood.
Resources to unleash your fiercest inner goddess.

Your Inner Power

When women gather together, we lift one another up and support each other. By sharing our love, compassion, and vulnerability; we transform pain, sadness, and trauma into joy, laughter, and strength. You have the power to change your life. The secret lies inside of you.
Buti Yoga
Transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice.
From $16
CBD + Yoga
Our classes blend yoga, therapeutic massage and CBD to nourish the body and control anxiety. Specialty classes blend these dynamos to find balance.
From $25
Childbirth Education
The tools to ask for what you want and help you make educated decisions based on research and facts, not myths or stories, as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.
From $100


Learn what women are saying about Women's Room
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I discovered Women’s Room during the most emotionally fragile time in my life – a high risk pregnancy after multiple losses. Beth and her team created a safe and inclusive space where I never felt othered and always felt nurtured. I am so grateful for the empowering support I received during my pre-natal and post-natal journey.

Nina, August, 2017

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Beth’s pre-natal classes kept me happy, healthy, and feeling good during pregnancy. Beth is an absolute pro – you’ll leave having had an excellent workout and a clear head. Coming from a self-professed runner and yoga avoider, I can’t recommend Women’s Room enough!! Small classes and highly individualized attention are just bonuses!

Stephanie, August, 2017